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Digital Transformation: How to Create Alignment Between the Board and Management
Coming out of the pandemic crisis, the message is louder and clearer—the future is digital. No matter the industry. As companies invest time and money into digital transformations, management and the board need to be aligned on strategy, tactics and ROI.

Yet, findings from PwC and Corporate Board Member’s 2020 survey of public company directors on digital transformation found substantial misalignment -- directors are more skeptical and less confident in their company’s digital transformation efforts than management, and directors have different views on timelines and progress. So how are progressive boards and management teams closing this gap?

Join this webinar to hear directors discuss their experiences and views on going through a digital transformation, leading the digital strategy and building an innovative culture.

Take away tangible examples and inside-the-boardroom insights on important considerations to help your company on your digital journey, such as:

- What information does the board need from management to support the company’s digital efforts?
- How do you get your workplace ready for digital primetime, including your executive team?
- How can board members add value to a company’s digital journey?
- How can you “upskill” your board on digital transformation?
- What are key areas of ROI that boards should monitor (and how can you best monitor them)?
- How can boards gain confidence around the company’s digital investments?
- What are critical risk-related questions boards should be asking around digital transformation?


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